A Legacy That Can Only Be Discovered From Within

“Searching for inner peace, searching for identity, searching for answers? Born prematurely with an undeveloped heart and lungs and pronounced dead at birth, Santiel miraculously survived yet began to question life and the meaning of it at a very young age. While in search for what is believed to be real true knowledge, Chambers found answers that were right under his nose. We over look answers every day, answers that are in our face or hidden deep within in the depth of our soul. Is it true that in search for answers, questions are asked, only to be answered by further questions? Is it so that there is no searching of the unseen understanding, yet, to innerstand, understand, and overstand the unseen is to know Self? Join Santiel on his journey to find unity within Self.”



Santiel Chambers

I am Santiel, a philosopher, a theologian, a historian, and a writer who loves seeing people filled with joy upon learning who they are as human. I love seeing them happy in knowing that there is more to life than what we think we know. I love having peace in sharing the nature of our human experience, while inspiring people to think for themselves. I'm fascinated with the knowledge and understanding of the ancient civilizations in their ability to crystallize and immortalize the essence of who we are. For my life’s purpose, that is exactly what I am inspired to do.


Sammie Manning

Cuzzo! Your book man...Is a dimond for anyone trying to align spiritual oneness and knowing ones true self. I'm not finished but I feel like I'm innerstanding, overstanding, and understanding my absolute truth.

Lamar Blackwell

One of the most thought provoking text of the 21st century; Santiel Chambers, Unity Within Me offers a unique perspective of how we view ourselves both inwardly and outwardly in a changing world. A must read that challenges contemporary ideas of how we view truth, religion, and ourselves. An organized piece of art that collaboratively correlates culture, perspective, and religion. Definitely a must read title!

Kristen Garcia

Thank you friend. I arrived home on lunch to find your book delivered, such a good surprise. Driving into Panama City, I was glancing through the pages to find words beautifully written with thoughts vividly expressed....I wanted to pull over to read…but oh wait this was just Prologue. I can only imagine what the rest is. God bless you Santiel Chambers. You are not of this world but something far greater. Have a great day and you always have my support!